I can proudly say that our college is one of the best colleges in Hyderabad. I have absolutely loved my learning experience at AMS and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of studying LLB. The atmosphere is relaxed, inviting, and at the same time very professional and very disciplined. The Professors are always available to us, and have vast knowledge about the subjects. They know us by name, you never feel like you're just a "number". We have an excellent library in our college. Everyone on campus has great, meaningful connections, and I always felt part of something greater. Every year various social activities are conducted by the college and various competitions also arranged. They encourage us to bring out our inner talent by sending us to competitions such as essay writing, legal quiz etc, this personally helped me in building my confidence levels and also learn new things which I never knew before. I am Thankful to the college for providing me such a great opportunity.
My journey of 3 years at AMS Women's College of Law has been tremendous and great. I felt prouder when the other advocates at the Courts gave a special attention and approach as we were representing the AMS college during our court visits and internships. Talking about the faculty, cannot talk less for their support and cooperation at all times. Everyone contributed to their best to bring the best out of us by providing in depth knowledge, encouraging our competitive spirit and also updating us with the current scenarios of the world from the perspective of Law. Overall my experience was memorable and satisfying.
"Knowledge is divine" is an age-old saying and belief as well. Person imparting such knowlege is treated as a divine person,"AACHARYA DEVO BHAVA". The result of a three year study of law in a leading educational institution like, AMS Law college for Women has rendered immense knowledge and satisfying,valuable experience as a college student. During the curriculum we meet the faculty members for every year/semester and you learn and extract the most of their lectures, experience, the in-depth knowledge. They encourage and inspire studying, achieving goals by providing boundless library and their cooperation not only limited to the class room but also out of the classroom. Definitely college days are good old days. In one word your college experience is determined by your attitude and the people you meet.
Whenever I think of AMS LAW College the first thing that comes to my mind is the wonderful ambience, great guidance of our lecturers, loving and caring attitude of our Library madam and the unique bond that every student shares with the college. The legal terms that pop up in my everyday life, make me remember the zeal and enthusiasm with which our Professor T.P.Sudarsan Rao sir taught them in our Legal Language class. The moto of my faculty is always to make the poor student good and good student superior. As a student at AMS I learnt that I was not there always to worship that was known but to question it. I learnt what matters is not the knowledge of the subject but where and how to find things I do not know. I was taught at AMS to have initiative and not to be mere imitators. I remember the day when I entered the college as a mere graduate, and today when I am walking out as a responsible citizen. The things that I learnt in AMS act as road maps to my goals always guiding and showing me what is possible in my life This college was established with a goal in mind and it is wonderfully achieving it. Exceeding the expectations of Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh the COLLEGE OF LAW FOR WOMEN is carving out social engineers out of future citizens and teaching them first to be responsible citizens.
My college, College of Law for Women AMS is a paradise for aspiring law graduate. My college is a tag associated with eminent professors, Scholars and definitely with the study environment supported with vast library, comfortable class rooms with natural air and light, surrounded by natural greenery within the campus, etc. It is a journey of student into law savvy you come out of college but still hold a nostalgic feeling whenever you pass through a road that led to college. It is my personal experience, am sharing with you all, whenever I mention the name of our college in any organization or to a community at large I see a spark in the eyes of everyone acknowleging my credibility. I attribute my success of academic achievements and career to my faculty and professor T.P.Sudarsan Rao Sir. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my experience I had with the college.